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“Aspiring to Inspired Teaching and Learning”

The Inspire Associates project is a ground breaking pilot being delivered in partnership with the University of Canberra and ACT Education and Training Directorate

This project allows a diverse team of classroom practitioners one day a week out of our school environment to promote and develop innovation  within best practice teaching and learning.

We are particularly focussed on exploring and promoting student action oriented initiatives in order to empower  student engagement, voice and participation throughout schooling in the ACT.

Each of us contributes a unique and diverse set of skills and experience to the team. I am Tiffany Mahon, a curriculum, pedagogy specialist and Arts Executive Teacher at Melrose High School.  Ian Thomson is a multi-media specialist and Pastoral Care Executive Teacher at Kingsford Smith School.  Trish Ghirardello is an ICT co-ordinator, Executive Teacher and year 5/6 classroom teacher at Mawson Primary School and Peter Smythe is a Science and Mathematics teacher who has developed an innovative personalised learning program at Gungahlin College.

All of us are passionate and dedicated classroom teachers who are striving for learning environments that engage and empower our students as active participants and leaders in the learning process.  We are excited to have the opportunity of engaging our colleagues across the system in a substantive conversation about what the innovative teaching  can contribute to the creation of truly personalised learning for every student, every day in our classrooms.

On a collegiate level, we are keen to foster and promote a shared language and culture of contemporary teaching and learning across the system and to move further towards a culture that embraces then Quality Teaching Model as a normal part of our daily teaching practice.

 A central question for us has been, “What can ICT contribute to ensuring sustained and transformative conversations are taking place across the whole system as opposed to isolated pockets of excellence within schools and school clusters”, and “How can ICT help us to share our specialist abilities and expertise with a wider range of colleagues to the benefit of all?

We have worked on piloting and testing MyLearning, the collaborative learning platform designed for school communities that will replace the clc. And we  are each also engaged in making films, podcasts and webcasts in partnership with our students,  about the extraordinary student voice, participation and engagement activities  occurring in ACT schools.  We plan share these with a system wide audience.

 In addition to these team projects each of us will undertake individual projects aimed at applying research, in action oriented projects that utilise best practice use of ICT. We will each tell you more about these projects as they evolve over the next six months.

Placing pedagogy front and centre if and when ICT is involved and innovating and promoting student voice, participation, engagement and leadership is what inspires us.

We are keen to hear about and share what inspires you and your students every day in your own classrooms across the ACT.