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Essential Readings


The work that we do is informed by the Australian Curriculum, the National Professional Standards for Teachers and the Quality Teaching model. Keep an eye on this page for information on these, as well as links to readings that inform our practice.

The Australian Curriculum

In 2012, ACARA released the General Capabilities for the Australian Curriculum. The Information and Comnmunication Technology (ICT) capability outlines 5 interrelated organising elements:

  • Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT
  • Investigating with ICT
  • Creating with ICT
  • Communicating with ICT
  • Managing and operating with ICT

One of our main goals is to support schools as they develop students into global and digital citizens. The ICT capability offers a good framework for creating meaningful learning experiences for our students as they progress through school.

For more information about the ICT Capability, visit this page.

National Professional Standards

The National Professional Standards for Teachers have been developed in consultation with educators across Australia. There are some specific ICT-related standards, but many lend themselves to the use of ICT. AITSL, in conjunction with the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE), have released a set of ICT Elaborations for the Graduate Teacher Standards. It’s well worth a look at how ICT can help you meet the National Professional Standards.

ICT in education is curently a ‘Hot Topic’, and AITSL has provided a wide range of resources to assist teachers in developing their understanding of the ways that technology, pedagogy and content interact in the classroom. For more information, visit this page.


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