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3 Things I found on Twitter this week


Well, things are a little quiet here on the social media front as we busy ourselves with the SchoolsNET rollout. Still, the good thing about Twitter is that we can get our information quickly, and in bite-sized pieces. Here are some things I have found Twitter this week.

Digital Storytelling

Sue Waters shared this link to Anthony Speranza‘s article about Digital Storytelling. It’s a great read, explaining the importance of a multimodal approach and including some great examples (make sure you watch the ‘Henri 2, Paw de Deux’ video). An easy way to bring technology into the classroom and enhance literacy learning. Well worth a look.

Learning Spaces

The very clever Ewan McIntosh presents an interesting video that discusses the different types of learning spaces that exist, and how we can harness them; work with them as we design (and re-design) classrooms and learning spaces. Food for thought.

Ready for iPads?

An interesting article that encourages us to think carefully about the need for iPads in the classroom. Do your staff have the time/energy to investigate and evaluate apps, and plan new ways of teaching? Is it more important to put an iPad in every student’s hands, or to hire great teachers? Have you thought about the ways your students will use iPads? Are you sticking to one device when you should be looking at multiple platforms and systems? A good read if you’re planning on some big purchases.



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