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3 Cool Things We Found on Twitter this Week


Hi all, while we wait for school stories, one thing that remains extremely active is Twitter. If you haven’t had a look yet, why not give it a try? Here’s a little guide to get you started: Twitter for Beginners. You can also check out this resource, created by the Powerful Learning Practice network: Twitter for Teachers.

And here are a few cool things that we have found on Twitter this week:

Using Evernote for Fluency

Edudemic posted a video where a 2nd grader posted a video demonstrating how they use Evernote for improving their fluency. It’s worth a look. If you don’t have Evernote, or access to it, this could still be done using the basic apps found on an iPad: voice recorder, camera and notes tool. Basically, students record themselves reading, and then can reflect on the skills that they need to work on. The same concept could be used for public speaking or writing.

What Teens Get About the Internet that Parents Don’t

There’s a lot of pressure on students nowadays: getting a job, having the right set of skills, housing affordability, etc, etc. It’s probable that these pressures are tricky in America, where this article was written, but it’s something to think about. This article is about teens learning from the Internet, and how powerful a tool it has become. Worth a look.

25 Twitter Tips for Students and Teachers

Another Edudemic article. Here are 25 tips for making Twitter work for you in the classroom.

Another thing that came up on Twitter this week was the idea that schools might benefit from parents (and other community members) donating their old smartphones to schools. What do you think of this idea?


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