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5 Cool Things We Found on Twitter


We’ve jumped right back into it after a lovely long summer, and I thought we should kick off the year with a few interesting Twitter finds.

Cisco Connected World Technology Report by Cisco

Do you check your smartphone before getting out of bed? According to this Cisco survey, 90% of the Generation Y folks that responded to their survey do. There’s some interesting reading here. After all, many of our teachers are Generation Y. And it’s probably a good indicator of what’s to come with our students.

Obvious to You. Amazing to Others by Derek Sivers

We never think that the things we’ve created or the ideas that we have are going to be an amazing revelation to others. This nice little video reminds us that maybe, it is.

Social Media for Administrators by George Couros

A collection of articles by George Couros about the growing importance of social media in education, and the ways that teachers, schools and jurisdictions are using various social media platforms with great results.

Blogger’s Guide to Creative Commons by The Blog Herald

If you haven’t heard of Creative Commons, it’s a collection of licences that allow people to use, share and remix other people’s work. Perfect for a participatory web where we are constantly creating and sharing. Creative Commons images give us a safe option for using images in our work, free from any copyright concerns. This blog post shares three images that help explain what Creative Commons is and how it works. 

Getting More Out of Student Blogging by Sue Waters

Sue Waters is an Australian educator with a strong presence on Twitter. This article is about student blogs and helping them to develop their skills. Sue discusses scaffolding the blogging process, digital footprints, developing good commenting habits, and monitoring student blogs. Well worth a read.

Speaking of Twitter, here’s a presentation we put together the explain the basics about Twitter, and give you some ACT contacts to follow. Please feel free to use it: Twitter for Beginners


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