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The Kingo Project


In Year 9 media this semester students have continued making the award winning show “The Kingo Project”. The show is a current affairs talk show that includes local guests and news, and broadcasts live all around the school.

Kingo Project Studio

The process begins with students scripting all the shows content in the two lessons prior, and entering it all on the teleprompter.

On Tuesday Morning the show goes live to every electronic whiteboard and video screen in the school. Students have to set up all the equipment, operate the cameras, the video mixer, the sound and the lights, and then pack it all up afterwards. All in a 90 minute lesson!  The show was recently featured on WIN News and the local newsreaders commented on the professionalism and quality of our show.

Mixing Desk

The show has also been visited by a number of other schools looking for inspiration, even playing host to an international delegation. The Kingo project has featured a number of local guests, including sporting stars, politicians, health professionals and even local bands! The student produced show continues to be a whole lot of fun, and the kids have all learnt industry skills in a school based environment. Some of our members have also begun mentoring some of our younger Year 5 students creating a show of their own…so stay tuned to the Kingo Project!

The Kingo Project is based at Kingsford Smith School.




  1. Ian thomson says:

    “Destructive innovation”
    Thought you guys may appreciate this…
    I came back to school today after being off site yesterday to be faced with an interesting dilemna-the students who make the Kingo Project had been asked to film the assembly, and had decided through their own “initative” that they should try and use a new camera the school had purchased, and had not yet been trained in…
    I try my best to empower the kids, to give them ownership and hopefully create their own innovation-perhaps the most powerful innovation of all, the student driven on-sometimes however this can get messy as I discovered this morning…
    In deciding to use a camera they had not been trained in the kids broke an $800 lens, that had not even been used yet! They were remorseful, and it did provide a fantatic learning experience around the importance of training and why instruction is so important, but still it was $800 … And it now means we have one camera instead of two for the rest of the year
    Which begs the question, how much freedom is too much? How high is too high? And how much mess is viable?
    Ps sorry bout the spelling, did this on my ooiphone due to content keeper 😉

  2. Sooo…I guess that’s why we have teachers! What are your thoughts, readers?

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